Sunday, June 13, 2010

I wanna do bad things with you

I'm sure by now most of you are aware that Season 3 of True Blood premieres tonight.

What most of you might not know is that I love True Blood more than most things. I've been, figuratively speaking, banging my head against my desk for nearly a year waiting for the new season.

Don't get wrapped up in the factor that pretty much all other television shows that I watch have had their season finales, making True Blood the only thing I really have worth watching right now. Does that mean that I only watch True Blood because it is the only thing to watch between the end of network TV's series season and the start of the new fall lineup?


To the contrary I feel like I am killing time with most regular network television, waiting for June and True Blood.

I read the first couple of Sookie Stackhouse novels awhile back, and while better that most vampire literature being put out these days *cough*Twilight*cough* I was only vaguely amused. So when I heard the television series was being made I had my sincere doubts.

But then I ended up adoring the television show so much it verges on being ridiculous. I love the way the television series has developed the romance between Sookie and Bill, making it into a sort of epic love story and not "I'm sleeping with this vampire because I can't hear him think", I love the addition of the charecter Jessica, who at times I relate to too much, the fact that they did not kill off Lafayette like they did in the beginning of the second book, and I love how much time (though still maybe not enough) is spent on Pam.

So am I excited out of my wits that the new Season has started?
Is it going to become the one thing I look forward to all week, just like it did last season?
Sadly, probably yes to that too.

But all puns aside, I can't wait to sink my teeth into this newest addition of one of the best things to come on television in years.

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  1. I love True Blood too! This season has been the best so far. I can't wait until 9 tonight!. You will like my most recent blog